BULTEST STANDARD - Test & Educational Center, Bulgaria

Test & Educational Center "BULTEST STANDARD", Bulgaria is specialized in test development for the purposes of the bulgarian secondary education, in supporting teacher training and in students' training.

Services & Actviities

  • Test development, test distribution and training for working with these tests
  • Maintaining qualifications of pedagogical staff.
  • Training of students for admission exams for secondary and high schools


  • Team of higly- qualified specialists in the fields of testology and specific sciences
  • Familiarization with the foundations of the testology and with the global and Bulgarian experiences in that field
  • Acquiring skills of working with tests
  • Applied lessons
  • The courses are held in convenient for the participants time, in a downtown region.

Supporting the parents in providing proper education

The proper education is undoubtedly among the most important things, we try to provide our children with, today, so they can become successful professionals tomorrow. Bultest Standard supporot the parrents and their children in that process.

What is a proper education? First of all it means acquiring knowledge and competences that will make our children competitive. However it also includes the formation of several personal characteristics

  • Inquisitiveness and interest about the surrounding world
  • Discipline and stability in achieving their goals
  • A sense of responsibility
  • Abilities to work in a team

Those are the qualities, that are required in building not only a successful professional, but also a proper citizen.
That kind of education is provided by the Elite schools. Those schools only admit students, with the best results on the entrance exams. As a rule the school leavers of those schools have much more successful realization. The admitting process in those schools however calls for serious work.


Test & Educational Center "BULTEST STANDARD", Bulgaria

  • Address: Sofia 1000, G. S. Rakovski N 146 
  • Mobile phone: + 359 897 804 284, + 359 8944 200 21
  • E-mail: office@bultest.org
  • Web: www.bultest.org